Get started with the most advanced SmartHome management system available!

WowBMS/EMS is not only for large industrial solutions, but also can be scaled down and used as a SmartHome solution. With the use of our OpenHAB or KNX OPC Server for example, a home of any size can be monitored and controlled. With it's advanced scripting feature any user can optimize the perfect Temperature, Lighting, and Energy usage, or use already created scripts that Resource Solution uses in it's current projects. Monitor and Control: Home Theater, Solar Panels, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Heating and Energy Optimization (BEopt), Garden Watering systems and Grass Mowing Robots, Water Consumption, Lighting, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire Alarms, Hazard Alert Systems, Camera, and Doorbell Systems.  Please take a look at all our OPC Servers for possible connections. Use our wizards to get you started.  We are happy to demonstrate a real system to you online, just contact us for an appointment.

Visualization on Windows PC or Tablet, Web Browser for Android and iPhone.